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          Neoliberalism, nativism and power

            Contributions to the July 2021 issue of Race & Class grapple with the violence of neoliberalism, the workings of racial capitalism, the normalisation of xenophobia from Sangatte to Soweto and the bases for forging necessary unities of struggle.   Outbreaks of xenophobic violence against migrants in South Africa since…

          From Camus to Covid-19

            The April 2021 issue contains important insights on Covid-19, the marginalisation of indigenous groups in Argentina and the lived experiences of half-widows in Kashmir.     Covid-19 intensifies other social catastrophes, feeding on the ruins of structural inequality and the racism that condemns the marginalised to loss of agency,…

          IRR: Sewell report seeks to sideline structural factors attached to racism

          The IRR responds to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report From what we have seen, both the findings and the recommendations of the government-commissioned Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report fit neatly with the government’s attempts, post-Brexit, to portray the British nation as a beacon of good…

          Roots of Racism is now free to download

            In response to the increasing demand from young students to re-evaluate Britain’s true ‘Island Story’?and the growing politicised opposition to the objective (re)telling of slavery and colonialism, we are delighted to release a digital version of our pioneering educational booklet, ‘Roots of Racism’ for free download. Originally published almost…

          Cover of special issue on race, mental health, state violence

          ‘The violence of the system’: race, mental health, state violence

            At a time when mental health is often decontextualised from the structural violence experienced by the most vulnerable in society, this special issue of Race & Class shows how race, mental health and state violence intersect – in places of detention and incarceration, on the street, in mental health…

          Shrinking the space for human rights - A look back on 2020

          Shrinking the space for human rights: A look back on 2020

            A raft of new laws, Home Office measures and government proposals attempt to restrict the legal accountability of state actors, including ministers, while removing legal protections from those who need them most. In this IRR News long read, Frances Webber examines the various threats to human rights over the…

          Deadly Crossings and the militarisation of Britain’s borders

            Military-style solutions won’t solve humanitarian problems, argues our new report that details the nearly 300 border-related deaths in and around the English Channel since 1999. Deadly Crossings and the Militarisation of Britain’s Borders reveals the human tragedies caused by inhumane border enforcement at a time when the UK Home…

          Race & Class: A Watershed Moment

          A watershed moment

            The October issue of Race & Class contains key articles that make sense of the crises we are in – of COVID-19, of racist state violence and of global capitalism – and asks, is this a watershed moment? This year, the COVID-9 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter anti-racist…

          Metropolitan police

          IRR: Local authorities must probe police use of data analytics to map communities

          For immediate release Local authorities and other partners in police safer neighbourhood teams should further probe possible racial profiling in policing, says the IRR today, after it emerged that five police forces, including the Metropolitan police, have used software that can be deployed to help identify whether different ethnic groups…


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